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Don’t ignore the essential first step to optimising your site’s performance; a broad and comprehensive website review

SEO Audits

SEO Audits

Don’t ignore the essential first step to optimising your site’s performance; a broad and comprehensive website review

Don’t ignore the essential first step to optimising your site’s performance; a broad and comprehensive website review

Trying to build a digital marketing strategy without a thorough site audit is like building a proverbial house on sand.

Without solid foundations, your entire marketing campaign can collapse due to an overlooked issue. As time goes on your site will only become more complex; issues which are currently quick to fix may become extremely difficult to manage.


Above: Strategy Digital’s client services team have decades of experience in technical SEO

A full site audit allows you to identify and eliminate such problems with a smart strategic marketing plan before they pose a real threat.

More Than Just An SEO Check

In-depth analysis will review everything that could have an impact on your SEO, from your code to your content. The review looks at these elements:


Top line audit on technical aspects of the site to identify major issues:

  • Unnecessary crawling
  • Duplicate content
  • Page load times
  • Issues with pagination and URL strings

 Google Webmaster Tools

A review of the status of the site in Google Webmaster Tools to highlight any issues regarding Google penalties, index status and website appearance in search


Using data in Google Analytics to review site performance, and to highlight if the site is currently suffering from a Google penalty


Review of site content to assess quality and relevance, as well as the level of optimisation for search engines. Considerations include:

  • Page titles and descriptions
  • Product/category selection
  • Whether content supports the customer journey
  • Organisation of content within site structure
  • Multimedia content review
  • Use of appropriate mark-up


A top line review to identify any issues with the following usability factors:

  • Art direction – does this site visually relate the product, service or industry?
  • Trust – do I feel safe purchasing from this site? Does it have credibility?
  • Navigation and calls to action – Ease of use, structure and taxonomy
  • Mobile/Tablet usability – any obvious obstacles?
  • Sales and checkout process – clear and easy to complete?

 Competitor Research

Looking into the competitors in search to identify the following:

  • Who dominates this space? Big brands? Specialist retailers? Information sites?
  • Who links to them?
  • Are they socially active?
  • What types of content are they ranking for?

 Off-site Analysis

Taking a look into the off-site elements of the website, including a top line review of the backlink profile to identify any threats and review the quality of the links pointing to the website.

The Starting Point for Optimisation

Many SEO solutions focus overwhelmingly on one area, to the exclusion of all else. This is a potential risk to your business and generally comes about because a full site audit has not been commissioned.

The only way you can have complete confidence in your SEO strategy is by paying attention to all aspects of your site, from opportunities to limiting factors.

By working out what’s effective and what needs improvement we can create a tailored optimisation plan for your site.

Armed with a thorough understanding of your current situation, the process of optimising your site can then begin.

Without it, any optimisation risks being misdirected, redundant or even harmful.

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