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Exclusive to Google Plus, Hangouts On Air events provide a creative way for businesses to engage with their target audience 

Google Hangouts On Air

Google Hangouts On Air

Exclusive to Google Plus, Hangouts On Air Events provide a creative way for businesses to engage with their target audience.

Exclusive to Google Plus, Hangouts On Air Events provide a creative way for businesses to engage with their target audience.

What are Google Hangouts On Air? Think Skype video calls recorded live on YouTube.

Invite a number of special guests to take part as presenters, advertise the time and place to a public audience and let the show commence; it’s like a TV programme for your business. The people watching can interact with guests by asking questions which can be pulled up on the screen for everyone to see and for the guests to address.

Hangouts On Air are a free tool, exclusive to Google, that allows businesses and brands to set up and market events so they can engage with their community in a very personalised and interactive way. There are many applications for hangouts, which can be public or private, so businesses large and small can use them in creative and imaginative ways to engage their target audience.

Above: Shoppable Hangouts allow retailers to engage with customers directly and sell their products

Examples of how hangouts can be used to benefit your business:

  • Brands can have a ‘face’
  • Frequently asked questions can be addressed in an engaging way
  • Interview one expert, or have a group debate
  • Fans having access to Q&As with celebrities
  • Brands can involve advocates such as bloggers taking part in shows
  • Shoppable Hangouts and the Showcase App facilitate links from the hangout to the website
  • Exclusive access to company information, such as early releases or new ranges
  • How-to shows, for example demonstrating cooking or crafts
  • Product demonstrations
  • Building relationships i.e. dispersed teams or business clubs
  • Training (Hangouts feature the ability to screenshare)
  • Private TV Network
  • Remote reporting
  • Delivering a pitch to save time on travelling
  • Mentoring and consultation sessions

Engage With Your Audience Like Never Before

Google Hangouts On Air can be scheduled and promoted through any channels, including Facebook, Twitter, email etc, so you can let your target audience know when to attend well in advance. Your Event can be watched live on Google Plus or on YouTube, comments can be made on the conversation and questions asked in the comment stream.

At any point, these questions and comments can be brought up on the screen and the guests can address them and talk directly to audience. The ease and cost (it’s free!) of such live interaction with an audience is unique to Google Plus. More and more brands are taking up the opportunity to engage with their audience and build relationships to develop brand advocates.

Create Lasting Content Marketing Opportunities

Strategy have been hosting and appearing as guests on Hangout Events since the beginning of 2014. We have first-hand knowledge of how powerful this tool is for creating relationships quickly.

Above: Strategy Digital’s Creative Director, Kath Dawson, Hosting The Great British Hangout Show

Testimonials on Hangouts Strategy Digital Has Been Involved in:

Bob Brotchie“Thanks to Donna Beckett for suggesting the replay ,which I have now enjoyed. Great panel, great subject matter and overall a very high quality ‘production’. Looking forward to the next #HOA.”

Adrian Bold“Just watched this as couldn’t get to the live event and want to say well done to the presenters and thanks for sharing some great info!”

Hodders Estate Agents - “Great Hangout On Air tonight guys. Looking forward to finding out what you have in store for next time.”

Reasons to work with us include:

  • Experience with both hosting Hangouts On Air and making guest appearances
  • Developing a strategy for Hangouts On Air
  • Help with setup: creating event, inviting and preparing guests, and promotion planning
  • Hangout production: green room management, blue boxing, comment tracker and showcase app management
  • Hangout hosting: hosting the Hangout on your behalf if you don’t have a suitable host
  • Post production: maximising return from the event from tasks such as time stamping, video clips and blog posts
  • Training on how to do Hangouts On Air in-house. Alternatively, you could outsource it all to us

Strategy Digital has put together a YouTube Playlist of Examples of Hangouts for Business showing exactly how businesses and brands are using this amazing technology to engage with their target audiences. View the Playlist below.

Strategy Digital is also able to offer comprehensive Google Plus Brand Page Management.

Our Creative Director, Kath Dawson, is a graduate of the Level 2 Trailblazer Academy, which is a comprehensive training course for Google Plus. This cohort of ‘students’ includes some of the most active Plussers in the world and together they are beginning the Level 3 Pathfinder Academy Course at the end of September.

For more on why your business should harness the power of Google’s social network (and how it can do so), download our FREE ebook, Google Plus: The Secret Weapon for your Business.

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