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Placements at Strategy Digital

Placement Opportunities

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but nowadays a university degree in itself probably isn’t going to help you land your dream job.

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but nowadays a university degree in itself probably isn’t going to help you land your dream job.

Today’s graduate employment market is ferociously competitive, with record numbers of people applying for every available position. If all the applicants come armed with a similar degree to yours, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Taking a work experience placement as part of your degree course could be the answer. How come?

  • You’ll be able to demonstrate lengthy experience of working in a professional environment, which is great for your C.V.
  • You’ll learn practical skills that compliment your academic learning, which is also great for your C.V.
  • Develop all-important interpersonal communication skills in the workplace. Perhaps not so great for your C.V., but absolutely vital in job interviews
  • Taking a placement could even help you decide what you DON’T want to do for a career

Digital Marketing Placements at Strategy

We’re a Digital Marketing agency, so it’s fairly obvious that we offer digital marketing placements.

Perhaps Digital Marketing isn’t an area you’d considered going into, or don’t think applies to you and your chosen degree. Perhaps consider this:

  • Business studies student? Digital Marketing isn’t the future of business, it’s the now of business
  • Social media obsessive? We have teams dedicated to social media and Digital PR
  • Looking for a career in writing? We employ a team of editorial professionals
  • Maths wizard? You could use your skills to become a PPC wizard, too
  • Harbouring dreams of becoming a web development guru? Our design and build team deals in both front and back end development

We’re confident that no matter what career you’re aiming for, a Digital Marketing placement will prove valuable. Even rocket scientists need to get funding and exposure for their work, and that means employing marketing tactics!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what one of our successful placement students had to say:

PlacementWorking at Strategy Digital has been a great experience and I have learned more than I ever could have anticipated. I’ve not only gained invaluable work skills, but I have learned the ways of a real-life office, which I believe will help me in whatever future career I go into.

Learning about Digital Marketing has been great, especially in a work environment full of people who supported me and shared similar interests.”

Alexandra Bacon, Plymouth University

Strategy Digital’s offices are on the eastern outskirts of Bristol, so our placement opportunities are particularly suitable for students who either study or live in the Bristol and Bath area.

Those from further afield are of course welcome to apply, too (we offer £100 a month towards travel and subsistence to all successful applicants). We’re also more than happy to consider international students who are fluent in English.

What are we looking for in our placement students? Bags of enthusiasm, a strong desire to learn, and reliability are our key considerations, and a good sense of humour and the ability to score 50 goals a season at a semi-professional level are a bonus.

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It’s not just students who have been impressed with our placement program. This is what the Placement Office at the University of Bath’s School of Management had to say:

“One of our students has been on placement at Strategy Digital for 6 months and has had a great experience on placement. The work that the student has been involved in has been challenging with a good variety of responsibilities which has included developing experience in Creative Digital Marketing, Research and Social Media. Through the placement the student has developed their team working and transferable work skills and the experience they have gained will put them in a great position when applying for roles in their future career. “

Placements Office, School of Management, University of Bath
November 2014

What Can Strategy Digital Offer You?

In brief, we’re currently offering a variety of marketing placements to students in higher or further education. Placements must last a minimum of six months, a maximum of 12.

All of our placement opportunities fulfil the requirements of both mandatory and optional sandwich years. We’ve worked with universities to ensure this is the case.

That’s the boring bit over with. What does a marketing placement at Strategy Digital actually involve?

Whether you’re with us for a general digital marketing placement, a PPC-specific placement or a web design placement, you’ll be thrust into the action right from the word go.

Your placement will NOT be spent making the tea, doing the photocopying, or running to the local café to get the boss’s elderflower and peach blossom Frappuccino. You’ll be sitting with one of our teams, not hidden away in some side office of shame.

At work

Above: Some of our placement students, not hidden away in a side office of shame

You’ll be introduced to current concepts in digital marketing, given training on all of our internal processes, learn how to use tools such as Google Analytics, and of course be made familiar with our portfolio of clients.

After your initial training period, you’ll be assigned a wide range of tasks, including everything from research and analysis to helping compile reports and producing content for our clients’ sites and social media channels.

If there are specific areas you would like to focus on during your time with us, we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.

Here’s another of our former placement students to describe their experience working with us:

Mike Left“The placement allowed me to work across many different areas of the business and for a wide variety of clients.

The placement can be tailored to your own personal development and the areas you want to focus on. I spent the first six months in the marketing side of the business, working on areas such as content planning and creation, social media promotion and technical SEO.

You’ll be given full training on all aspects of the job, so you never feel like you don’t know how to do something or are out of the loop.

Before the placement, I wouldn’t know how to improve a website’s ranking on Google, or how to use different tactics to ensure you get the best out of your social media campaigns, or how to use tools to keep track of how well a piece of content has performed or why something didn’t do as well as expected. I do now!

I had expressed an interest to work as part of the web development team and so the next six months of the placement were spent learning about HTML, CSS and website testing, while working on numerous projects.

Overall, I feel the placement has given me valuable skills that are going to serve me well in the future.”

Mike Thomas, Plymouth University

Why Strategy Digital?

The company has been around for 18 years. That’s longer than Google. We’re not quite in the business of developing driverless cars or sci-fi specs, but we do know a thing or two about Digital Marketing.

We’re a friendly, medium-sized, family-run business with a diverse array of clients that come from all sorts of industries. One day you could be working on projects for a fashion client, the next you could be immersed in the property market. It’s certainly never dull.

We currently have around 50 employees. As well as numerous dedicated marketing experts, the team includes graphic designers, journalists, writers, social media aces, PRs and project managers.

That’s a lot of different skill sets you’ll be able to tap into and learn from.

We also like to think we’re a decent bunch to work with. But we would say that. What do our former placement students think?

Samantha Left“This is a great team to be a part of as a placement student, as you can see first-hand how a company adapts to change. The office is also a really great environment to work in, as everyone is so friendly and happy to help with any problems you might come across.”

Samantha Bell, Plymouth University

James T“The supportive and friendly workforce at Strategy means you are able to voice your opinion and able to get involved in the real decision making process.”

James Tyson, Plymouth University

Laura“In addition to all of the new skills I have learnt, I have had the chance to work within a really friendly and diverse team and gain a valuable insight into how a professional workplace and industry works.”

Laura Colledge, University of Surrey

And it’s not all work, work, work. We hold loads of social events over the course of the year, including Christmas and Summer parties, and everyone’s invited. You’ll also get the same holiday allowance as full-time staff.

Above: A night out at Jongleurs comedy club in Bristol

Above: A boozy night of fun at Jongleurs comedy club in Bristol

Above: We're regulars at the local 5-a-side courts

Above: Placement student Samantha showing the boys how it’s done at the local 5-a-side courts

That’s enough about us. It’s you we want to hear about. If this sounds like an opportunity you’d thrive on, head to our placement applications page to fill in the application form.

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