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[Breaking News] Google Plus Post Ads Could Sky Rocket Content Promotion

by Estelle Puleston on April 17, 2014


At the end of 2013, Google Plus introduced Plus Post ads to some of the biggest brands around. Now, after a successful beta period, the service is being opened up to all brands with over 1000 Google Plus followers. But how do they work? And how do they differ from similar ads offered by Facebook and Twitter? Read on to discover the answer to both those questions and more.

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Google+ and a World First in Social Media Engagement for Sports Fans

by Kath Dawson on March 17, 2014


Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday inflicted yet more pressure on an already bewildered David Moyes. However, for many, the Manchester United and Google Plus experiment with hangout video technology that accompanied the game will have been of more interest. So was Google Plus and Manchester United’s #MUFrontRow social media experiment a success? We assess the evidence.

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Manchester United Will Use Google plus Hangouts on Sky TV #MUFrontRow

by Kath Dawson on March 14, 2014


Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the best supported teams in the world. However, when they play, only a fraction of their fans are ever lucky enough to have tickets. Following a competition on Manchester United’s Google Plus page, 20 lucky fans have won the opportunity to ‘be’ at the stadium. We preview Google Plus and Manchester United’s Front Row campaign, a historic social media experiment

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Does Offline PR Matter in an Online Industry?

by Becky Martin-Jones on February 5, 2014


Although the way in which we consume media has migrated significantly towards digital platforms, online brands that treat offline PR as redundant are missing some great opportunities. Here, Strategy Digital’s very own PR Manager, Becky Martin-Jones, explains why.

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What Effect Can Bloggers Have on Your Brand?

by Holly Hayman on December 6, 2013

The short answer is: more than you’d think. You might be ticking boxes left right and centre when it comes to ‘traditional’ SEO practices, but have you considered working with bloggers? For many brands, the blogging community is still an untapped resource when it comes to the marketing of their products, but this growing sector

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Happy Birthday Google+ But What’s Really Going On?

by Christie Cluett on June 28, 2013

It’s Google+’s birthday. All the other social media players are at the party: Facebook’s drunk again, Twitter’s got over-excited and won’t stop talking, while LinkedIn is working the room in a business suit. But what about the birthday boy? At the grand old age of 2, what will Google+ be doing on its birthday – throwing

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Facebook Fatigue: Is the End in Sight for the World’s Largest Social Network?

by Colm Hebblethwaite on May 29, 2013

Facebook is an icon of the modern business world, a totemic example of how an internet user’s desire for connectivity and interaction can be turned into a hugely profitable and social influential corporate entity. But if the recent flurry of reports, speculation and apocalyptic predictions about the site across the internet are to be believed

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