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AdTech 2008, Where Pay-Per-Results Was Another Huge Hit

by Kath Dawson on September 29, 2008


Last week Strategy exhibited at AdTech 2008.  We had the stand immediately to the left of the entrance so we were often the very first stand that visitors encountered – it was a great spot!

Our headline was PAY PER RESULTS SEO… “where’s the catch?” Someone asked… another said “where do I sign?”  There isn’t a catch, we replied and “sign here”.  Actually we didn’t say that last bit but we are certainly speaking with a good number of very interested prospects.  The show is an opportunity for us to get our message out and to make contact with prospects and partners but the real value is in the discussions that follow afterwards.

It is essential to us that all clients understand the value we look to add to their business so we never sign anyone up without a technical discussion about your own specific website.  During this process we talk about how we look at your business objectives, audit your site and plan a strategy to get you more of the end results you are looking for – be it sales or leads.

Our pricing really is based on results so yes, we will charge you nothing at all until our work starts to bring you the targeted traffic we are aiming for.  This means we have to do do a significant amount of work for no payment but if we offer you this pricing it is because we are confident that we will deliver a good result for you.  We consider a good result to be traffic that will make your business grow because when we help you grow your business we know that you will want to stay with us.

We are also quite easy to work with which means the whole process is painless, transparent and quite enjoyable.

If we met you at the show Steph, Liesel or John will be following up shortly if they haven’t spoken to you already.  If you weren’t at the show but want to know more call us on 0845 838 0936.

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